Come join us!

Come join us!

Sundays @ 10AM


You've just entered the world of AWC (Arnprior Wesleyan Church). I want to tell you if you are seeking God, or trying to find truth, meaning, or purpose to your life, I'd be excited to help you on that journey. I've been there and can tell you, discovering who Jesus is and the value He places on your life is a heady experience. It is an amazing ride!

If you know a fair bit about Christianity and are looking to plug into a church community, or learn more about us in particular, we have just what you need on our site. If you'd like to know more about our church community, or the larger group we are a part of called, Wesleyans (it's not that scary - really!), then come on in and check AWC out.

I'm new at this.

Show me where to start.

I've been around a while.

I want to know about AWC.